The Oregon State Police (OSP) protects over 4.2 million citizens in a mix of urban centers and small rural communities dotted across a state larger than the entire United Kingdom. Hardworking law enforcement officers (LEOs) at their 34 locations statewide did their best to manage a substantial firearms inventory, but processes were not standardized, In 2022, OSP reached out to Real Time Networks (RTN) to deploy a smart armory management solution to streamline how they managed firearms storage statewide.


The OSP was pleased with how collaborative the process for installing the weapons lockers was. Captain Casey Thomas of the OSP felt ample communication and documentation was provided by the RTN project management team.

Some of the OSP’s 34 sites needed customized hardware to fit very different facility footprints, and the OSP had critical requirements for what they needed to be tracked in the weapons management software. 

After deployment, weapons management across the organization was fully standardized. Each site was able to adjust how they stored their unique mix of firearms and other assets. 

The AssetTracer UT Series Smart Weapons Management solution increased the OSP's accountability for weapons use and servicing. It gave its personnel flexibility in how each site stored weapons. And it gave it complete, real-time tracking of which LEOs accessed lockers. The deployment was so successful that OSP leadership are considering ways they can customize the locker systems and sensitive items they manage.


“The deployment was a good team effort. It went efficiently given the sheer size and scope of the process.”

- Captain Casey Thomas, OSP