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Workplace Safety

Employee and visitor safety made easy for organizations of all sizes.

Protect your facilities

Protect your staff with contactless health and temperature screening features on an automated and intuitive digital solution

automated roll call

Ensure employees and contractors are accounted for during emergency situations with automated roll call functionality

long-range active RFID technology

Use long-range active RFID technology in a reliable emergency mustering system and lone worker safety solution that doesn’t require any maintenance

Practice emergency drills

Practice emergency drills periodically, record your results, and optimize your plan over time to make sure your team is ready to respond when emergency strikes

customize forms

Future-proof employee safety with the ability to customize health screening forms to adapt to new concerns and send pre-screening surveys to further protect your team

Spend less time worrying about safety risks and more time focusing on the bigger picture.

Protect employee health

Make sure your team is safe at a distance by leveraging technology to remotely gauge the health of everyone who enters your facilities.

Keep your workers safe

Automate roll call during evacuations and other emergency situations to make sure every member of the team is accounted for.

Monitor your facilities

Increase visibility across your company’s footprint with real-time guard tour and lone worker safety solutions that enable you to track location.

Optimize emergency plans

Conduct emergency drills to collect the data needed to refine your evacuation and emergency response plans on a continual basis.

Control access without contact

Prevent unhealthy or otherwise unauthorized individuals from entering your facilities with facial and palm recognition technology and access control system integration.

Your employees are the lifeblood of your organization. You need to do everything you can to keep them safe.

Real Time Networks enables you to monitor employee and visitor health from a distance, account for all team members during emergencies, and guard your facilities to protect the most important asset: your people.



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