It feels like there’s a never-ending scroll of law enforcement podcasts out there, with more popping up every week. And while the shared experiences of every LEO, attorney, detective, and other professional are valuable, so is your time.  

Since you can’t listen to all of them, we decided to help you out. We polled our network of law enforcement experts for their picks of the most insightful, most interesting, and most powerful law enforcement podcasts out there in 2023. 

They came back with many suggestions covering everything from technology to community relations and compelling personal stories from the beat. So we combed through their lists to present you with the best of the best. 

Blue Line: The Podcast

Host: Blue Line Magazine

Blue Line podcast brings together leaders in policing from across Canada to talk about hot topics and trends in law enforcement. Listen to compelling conversations and keep appraised on the latest policing matters.

Check out this featured episode:

Change is good, so give it a try with Cst. Ryan Dlin  

Policing Matters Podcast 

Host: Jim Dudley 

Tune into this weekly podcast to learn about the latest news and critical issues impacting police officers. In this show, retired Chief Deputy Jim Dudley chats with criminal justice and law enforcement experts about the top strategies and trends impacting policing. 

Bend Don’t Break

Host: Chief Neil Dubord

This unique podcast tells the stories of police officers who have overcome significant adversity in their personal and professional lives. It gives listeners an intimate and authentic look at the life of a police officer and the strength needed for the job.  

Things Police See: First-Hand Accounts

Host: Steve Gould

This podcast helps you get to know many police officers personally. They share their most intense, humorous, and scary moments on the job. Host Steve Gould and guests give listeners a humbling and authentic real-life perspective of the realities of being an officer. This is one show you don’t want to miss.   

Check out this featured episode:

Cold Cases: Murderers Caught After Brutal Crimes

LEO Round Table  

Host: Chip DeBlock

In this podcast, host Chip DeBlock brings together active and retired federal, state, and local law enforcement professionals and attorneys from around the country to talk about the latest news in the policing field. 

Check out this featured episode:

Memphis Mistakes Unmasked In Tyre Nichol's Death   

The Squad Room

Host: Garrett Te Slaa 

The life of a police officer isn’t all that it appears to be on television. Many officers manage rotating shifts impacting their sleep, nutritional habits, and more. This unique podcast shares personal development tips for law enforcement professionals to support them mentally, physically, and emotionally on and off the job.   

Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast   

Hosts: Patrick Fitzgibbons

Learn leadership, self-care, growth, and development lessons in this top-rated podcast hosted by Patrick Fitzgibbons. Tune in to uncover current knowledge, advice, and tools to grow personally and professionally.   

Smart Policing: Efficient Equipment & Fleet Management at San Mateo Sheriff's Office
Discover how San Mateo County Sheriff's Office optimized how they manage equipment, fleet keys, and weapons using smart technology


Host:  Ryan Tillman, Anthony Johnson

The #ITSNEEDED podcast bridges the gap between law enforcement professionals and their communities through honest conversations, with many insights into the policing field offered along the way. This podcast is hosted by Ryan Tillman, the founder of Breaking Barriers United and an officer in Southern California and co-hosted by Officer Anthony Johnson.   

Check out this featured episode:

"This Scenario Changed Me"


Host: Kelly McEvers

In this podcast, Kelly McEvers takes you behind the law enforcement and criminal justice stories to give listeners a deep and personal look at current news. Episodes look at the stories behind police shootings caught on video, epidemic insights, political administration’s lives, and more.

Check out this featured episode:

The Boatlift  

The Beat: A COPS Office Podcast

Host: US DOJ COPS personnel

The Beat features a wide range of interviews with law enforcement experts and those from other disciplines. In addition, they present breaking and compelling stories centered around topics in community policing. 

Check out this featured episode:

We Regret to Inform You: Trauma Notifications 

Law Enforcement Today: Crime and Trauma Stories

Host: John "Jay" Wiley

Host Wiley bills his podcast as “a True Crime Show, a Law Enforcement Officer Show, and a Human Interest show all in one.” He interviews LEOs, their families, and crime victims to understand what life is like behind the badge and the trauma caused by crime in our communities. 

The Off-Duty Podcast

Host: Anthony McNeil  

Anthony is a retired LEO who uses his deep network of law enforcement contacts to bring you stories of life on and off duty. He interviews other police officers, but also EMTs, medical examiners, and other people whose careers intersect law enforcement.

Check out this featured episode:

Cops Direct Empowering Cops – Aaron Negherbon  

Street Cop Podcast  

Host: Dennis Benigno

Street Cop is a career-building podcast for police officers at any point in their career. It features interviews with law enforcement professionals who give practical advice about how to conduct better police work and achieve your career goals. 

Check out this featured episode:

Recognize Your Excuses with Jason Swartz

New Perspectives Improve Your Work and Career 

The world of law enforcement is big and always getting bigger. Some of these podcasts should give valuable new perspectives from corners of that world you might not get to hear otherwise. You never know which new ideas, new technologies, or new ways of thinking could transform how your agency works or your career. 

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