It feels like there’s a never-ending stream of law enforcement podcasts out there, with more popping up weekly. While the shared experiences of every LEO, attorney, detective, and other professional are valuable, so is your time.    

Since you can’t listen to all of them, we decided to simplify things for you. We polled our network of law enforcement experts for their picks of the most insightful, interesting, and impactful law enforcement podcasts in 2024. 

They came back with many suggestions covering everything from technology to community relations and compelling personal stories from the beat. So we combed through their lists to present you with the best of the best.


You And The Law Podcast Show 

Hosts: Virgil Green and Keith Humphrey 

This is a forward-looking conversation featuring two law enforcement leaders about the dynamics of policing in America, particularly focusing on interactions with minority communities. 

Never Off Duty Podcast

Hosts: Judson Sapp & Sheriff Michelle Cook 

Judson Sapp welcomes Clay County Sheriff Michelle Cook for regular conversations on day-to-day law enforcement topics. They cover everything from recent headlines to how the office deals with cold cases. They peel back the curtain and give honest insights into listening questions about police work. 

Policing Matters Podcast

Host: Jim Dudley 

Tune into this weekly podcast to learn about the latest news and critical issues impacting police officers. In this show, retired Chief Deputy Jim Dudley chats with criminal justice and law enforcement experts about the top strategies and trends impacting policing.

Sworn Identity

Hosts: Little Rock, AR, Police Department personnel 

"Sworn Identity" offers a candid look at police work in Little Rock, AR. Discussions with police personnel cover everything from investigations and homicides to patrols and local news. The appeal for Little Rock residents is obvious, but this podcast's welcome honesty and transparency make it a good listen for everyone. 

Bend Don’t Break    

Host: Chief Neil Dubord 

This unique podcast tells the stories of police officers who have overcome significant adversity in their personal and professional lives. It gives listeners an intimate and authentic look at the life of a police officer and the strength needed for the job. 

PRECINCT 444 Podcast  

Hosts: NLEOMF staff

The National Law Enforcement Museum was inaugurated in 2018. It serves as a space where individuals from various walks of life and law enforcement officials can collectively delve into the rich narrative of American law enforcement. The Museum holds a trove of artifacts from a collection exceeding 25,000 items, showcasing law enforcement's evolution and future directions in the United States. Most significantly, the Museum has become a vital forum for fostering meaningful conversations to reinforce the bond between law enforcement agencies and the communities they protect. This series of podcasts is one such initiative. 

Things Police See: First-Hand Accounts    

Host: Steve Gould 

This podcast offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of police officers as they recount their most thrilling, humorous, and frightening experiences while on duty. Host Steve Gould and various guests provide listeners with a genuine and eye-opening view of the challenges and realities law enforcement personnel face. Don't miss out on this revealing show. 

Coroner Talk

Host: Darren Dake 

The podcast is just one piece of Coroner Talk. Its website acts as a community for professionals involved in death investigations. It's an inclusive platform for coroners, law enforcement members, EMS professionals, medical examiners, and others in related fields. Host and Coroner Talk founder Darren Dake is a 35-year law enforcement and criminal investigations veteran and current Crawford County, Missouri Coroner. 

The Squad Room  

Host: Garrett Te Slaa 

The life of a police officer isn’t all that it appears to be on television. Many officers manage rotating shifts, impacting their sleep, nutritional habits, and more. This unique podcast shares personal development tips for law enforcement professionals to support them mentally, physically, and emotionally on and off the job.  

Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast

Host: Patrick Fitzgibbons 

Discover valuable insights on leadership, self-care, growth, and personal development in this acclaimed podcast hosted by Patrick Fitzgibbons. Listen in to access the latest knowledge, guidance, and resources for personal and professional advancement in law enforcement. 


Host: Kelly McEvers 

In this podcast, NPR host Kelly McEvers delves into the law enforcement and criminal justice stories behind the headlines, offering listeners an intimate and detailed perspective on contemporary issues. Episodes explore the real stories behind police shootings captured on video, provide analyses of epidemics, examine the lives within political administrations, and much more. 

COPS Beat   

Host: US DOJ COPS personnel 

"The Beat" showcases interviews with diverse experts from law enforcement and various other fields. It also delivers timely and engaging stories focused on community policing themes. 

Law Enforcement Today: Crime and Trauma Stories

Host: John "Jay" Wiley 

Host Wiley describes his podcast as a blend of true crime, law enforcement perspectives, and human interest stories. He speaks with LEOs, their families, and crime victims to delve into the realities of life in law enforcement and the impact of crime on communities. 

Street Cop Podcast  

Host: Dennis Benigno 

"Street Cop" is a podcast dedicated to aiding police officers in professional development, regardless of their career stage. It includes conversations with experienced law enforcement officials who offer actionable tips on improving policing techniques and accomplishing career objectives. 


New Perspectives Improve Your Work and Career 

The world of law enforcement is big and always getting bigger. Some of these podcasts should give valuable new perspectives from corners of that world you might not hear otherwise. You never know which new ideas, technologies, or ways of thinking could transform your agency or career. 

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