Complete key management with a smart, expandable, and modular solution that will last.

Prevent unauthorized access and have full accountability of keys with a complete audit trail of every key transaction.

Our RFID-based KeyTracer Key Control Systems provide intelligent management of keys, allowing you to track and control who can access them, where they are taken, and when. Our intelligent key solutions are flexible and we can tailor our products to your organization's precise needs, giving you tools to gain valuable insights and integrate with your existing infrastructure, all while being backed by our support team.

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KeyTracer benefits

What Is a Key Control System?

Key control systems help organizations across all industries manage, track, and secure keys throughout day-to-day operations. With the right system in place, your team will know where all keys are at all times, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your assets, facilities, and vehicles are safe.

What Does a Key Control System Do?

A key control system enables you to track and control all of your keys and restrict who can access them, where they are taken, and when. Instead of spending time looking for misplaced keys or having to replace missing ones, you can rest comfortably with the ability to track keys in real time.

Key Control System Benefits

Increased Efficiency
  • Reclaim time you’d otherwise spend searching for keys, and reinvest it into other important areas of operations.
  • Eliminate time-consuming key transaction record-keeping.
  • Generate custom reports to track key issues and returns.
reduce costs
Reduced Costs
  • Prevent lost or misplaced keys.
  • Avoid pricey rekeying expenses and sidestep the lengthy procurement processes needed to replace stolen assets.
mitigate risks
Mitigated Risk
  • Stop unauthorized access to your facilities and vehicles.
  • Prevent bad actors from accessing critical systems and equipment.
  • Give a user or group access to specific keys.
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Today’s leading organizations use KeyTracer key control system to work more efficiently, control access to facilities and vehicles, and ensure only authorized individuals have keys.

Top-Notch Precision

Experience unrivaled accuracy with leading-edge RFID technology that tells you exactly where keys are at all times.

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top-notch precision
Real-Time Monitoring

Stay on top of exact locations of all keys to protect company assets, secure property, and protect people.

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real-time monitoring
Tailored to Your Needs

Customized key control system to meet your organization’s unique requirements and add additional capacity as your business scales.

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tailored to your needs

Leverage a flexible solution that delivers results across all industries, including hospitality, gaming, transportation, government, law enforcement, education, utilities, and more.

On Any Device

Be certain where your keys are when you’re in the office, at home, or on the go.

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on any device

"...Real Time Network's Key Tracer system stood out as the most reliable and robust system, with the ability for users to unlock and access only the keys that have been assigned to them, a full audit trail of every key set, and real-time alerts when keys are not returned."


Integrated cabinets, fobs, and software give you the best high-security key control system on the market.

Key Control Cabinets

Our cabinets are available in a range of different sizes with a choice of either solid steel or shatter-proof windowed doors. The modular design allows you to purchase a cabinet that meets your current needs, while leaving options open for future requirements. We custom design your key cabinet system by factoring in cabinet size, size of key sets, and your preferred user ID method. Key modules can be changed in the future as needs shift.

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Key Control Cabinets

RFID Key Control Fobs

KeyTracer key fobs are corrosion-resistant, fire-resistant, tamper-proof, and waterproof. They are reusable, virtually maintenance-free, and come with a lifetime warranty.

KeyTracer key fobs use embedded RFID wireless sensors. Simply hold the key fob near the control terminal to initiate a return. The correct key slot instantly lights up. Key fobs and slots have a sturdy cylindrical design able to hold even your heaviest key ring. They can be inserted in lock slots any direction, making every key return a one-step, error-free transaction.

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RFID Key Control Fobs

KeyControl Smart User Terminals

Our terminals control access to the cabinet. An integrated card reader allows you to make use of your existing proximity access control cards, PINs, or both. We also offer fingerprint readers, facial readers, iris identification, and mobile credentials (smartphone).

An integrated, motion-triggered video camera provides footage inside event reports for auditing purposes.

Choose between a keypad or touchscreen terminal. The control terminal provides the option of having multiple key cabinets controlled from a single point or multiple control terminals controlling the same set of cabinets.

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KeyControl Smart User Terminals

RTNHub Key Control Software for User Management and Reporting

A powerful intuitive software platform that allows easy administration of your key management system, the RTNHub Software is browser-based with an SQL backend database. Capable of working as a stand-alone system connected directly to your cabinet, it can easily scale up to a corporate setup and will work on a physical computer or in a virtual environment. RTNHub centralizes information from all of your Real Time Networks solutions, including AssetTracer lockers and RTNmobile location solutions, providing a complete connected system with an environment based on modern system architecture.


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