Fleet Key Management System

Control and Optimize Every Part of Your Fleet

Make fleet key management an efficient process that generates valuable business insights. Automate, track, and control how vehicle keys are distributed to maximize your fleet’s performance.

The Value of Automating Fleet Key Management

  • Optimize vehicle usage with randomized or least-used key distribution
  • Control driver performance by setting key curfews and email alerts if keys are not returned
  • Improve maintenance times by logging fault codes and service needs at key return
  • Streamlined operations and reduced overhead with automated key transactions
  • Better fleet analytics with detailed reports updated in real-time
  • Reduce vehicle downtime and re-keying costs from losses with error-free, automated key transactions
  • Simplified security and business management through 3rd party integrations

Smart Fleet Management Streamlines Your Operations

Managing vehicle fleets, whether they’re cars, service trucks, forklifts, or other heavy equipment, means hours and hours of administration. Tasks like tracking maintenance and servicing schedules, managing reservations, and dealing with driver licensing and certifications are time-consuming and complicated. Small errors creep in, keys get lost, appointments missed, and re-keying costs pile up.

Implementing a fleet key management solution streamlines all aspects of fleet operations. You get powerful, automated controls over scheduling and key transactions, and on-the-ground insight in fleet utilization so you can optimize how your service vehicles and equipment are used.

Complete Control Over How Your Fleet Runs

Set vehicle key curfews, or rotate key sign-outs to distribute vehicle usage and reduce maintenance. Enable alerts for late key returns or unauthorized access attempts. Monitor licensing and certifications for all drivers. Set automated warnings when they’re close to expiring. The system won’t release vehicle keys until licenses are renewed to protect your business. 

Detailed logging options are available. Require drivers to log mileage before key returns are accepted. Prompt them to log fault codes and incidents to aid mechanics.

Real Time Networks’ fleet management features are highly configurable, and suitable for small corporate fleets up to large transportation agencies. It easily integrates with a range of other leading security and business operations platforms and our own RTNHub management platform.


Coordinate all of your security systems through a secure, browser-based dashboard. Get a 360° view of all of your keys and managed assets. Generate customizable reports for all audit and compliance needs. All of this backed by industry-leading customer service.

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