Employee Safety Solutions

Evacuation Management & Automated Roll Call

The most effective evacuation system available today. The system automatically monitors the location of your personnel and visitors.

During a live evacuation or drill, the system provides fire marshals and first responders with the location of everyone in real time.

  • In an emergency:
  • Provides fire marshals with accurate information in real time
  • Accurately accounts for all personnel and visitors
  • Provides accurate information in a dynamic situation
  • Improves response times
  • Eliminates human error

Faster Emergency Response

  • Automates roll call of assembled and missing personnel, updated in real-time
  • Detects the instant staff, contractors, and visitors have exited a facility
  • Automatically registers personnel safe when the reach muster points

More Effective Evacuations

  • Durable personnel ID badges can’t be turned off
  • Provides last known location data of missing personnel for first responders
  • ID and contact info for all personnel is available to emergency managers

Reliable Performance

  • Battery backups operate when electrical power is out
  • Optional solar power for muster points keep them operational in extreme conditions
  • Off-site tracking and management software continue working when there’s a local emergency

More Efficient Drilling

  • Shaves minutes off muster drill times
  • Simplifies evacuation training and gets staff back to work faster
  • Works across multi-network, multi-site facilities for easier large scale drilling

Complete Management

  • Customizable reporting and tracking for staff, visitors, and contractors
  • Gain instant insight into where every person is located when an alarm is triggered
  • Management app available on tablets, smartphones, and laptops
  • Simplify regulatory compliance
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Employee Safety Solutions Product Sheet

How it works

  1. Alarm triggers 
  2. All personnel locations are recorded and flagged ‘At Risk’
  3. RTN Workplace Safety updates personnel locations in real time as personnel evacuate
  4. Personnel automatically flagged ‘Safe’ when they reach muster points

Solution Components


Personal Badges (Tags)

Personnel badges identify Personnel in your facility and at muster points.

  • Uses low power wireless technology
  • Does not conflict with two-way radios or WiFi
  • Durable solid-state design is virtually maintenance-free

Wireless Beacons

Wireless beacons are strategically located throughout each building to detect personnel badges.

  • Adjustable read range so you can accurately locate tags in tight quarters
  • Beacons communicate to form a complete coverage network in your facility
  • Secure transmissions


The gateway receives personnel location data from the beacon network and relays it to your RTNmobile software management platform.

  • Real-time data gathering
  • Works with onsite or offsite
  • Uses reliable local area network (LAN) connection

Technical Details

  • Operational Temperature -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Active RFID Frequencies: 868.95MHz, 867.90MHz, 915.15MHz
  • RFID & Bluetooth Adjustable Effective Read Range 0.5 to 50m (2’ to 165’)

RTN Software

The RTN Workplace Safety software portal provides an easy to use tool that helps pinpoint the exact location of personnel that are at risk or in danger during an emergency.

Click on any part of the graph to display the list of people in the specified state/colour.

A detail button allows to display more information about missing personnel and a picture if uploaded to help with identification.

Administrator features make it easy to maintain user data, tracking tags and readers and pull reports.

A full audit log displays a history of user actions and activities in the system, such as system login, any maintenance data added, edited or deleted, tag  assignments, system settings changes.


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