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What is RTN Workplace Safety?

RTN Workplace Safety is a powerful real-time location solution that enables you to easily keep track of where employees, contractors, and visitors are at any given point in time.

Emergency Mustering

Keeping people safe and facilities protected is a top priority for every organization. With RTN Workplace Safety, your organization is able to make everyone who passes through your doors feel safe, quickly account for everyone during an emergency, and make sure that only authorized individuals can access secure areas, among other benefits.

Personnel Tracking Benefits:

keep people safe
Keep people safe

Give everyone who visits your facilities the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re accounted for. Monitor the safety of guards and lone workers easily.

find employees fast
Find employees fast

Locate every staff member, visitor, and contractor during emergencies—and rapidly identify who’s missing. Pair visitors with staff members to get alerted if they separate.

protect your assets
Protect your assets

Control who has access to high-security facilities and assets to keep your most sensitive data and items secure.

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Additional Features

Accelerate emergency response

Use automation to streamline roll call, mark people safe when they reach muster points, and detect when employees, contractors, and staff have exited a facility

Improve drilling efficiency

Simplify evacuation training to get staff back to work faster and shave minutes off muster drill times

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Ensure effective evacuations

Keep tabs on a person’s last known location data and easily access relevant ID and contact info during emergencies

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