Ensure Employee Safety Throughout Your Facility

Track & Locate Staff with Real Time Location Solutions

Our Real Time Location Solutions help make people safety and security easier. The PeopleTracer solution allows you to track and locate  staff, visitors and contractors in real time and can be customized for different applications.

  • Ensure Secure Visitor Management in high security facilities
  • Track and locate contractors
  • Quickly locate a staff member using our Panic Alarm Solution
  • Track guard tours
  • Quickly locate people in an emergency evacuation and automate roll call at muster points

Emergency Mustering Solutions

The PeopleTracer Automated Roll Call & Mustering Solution provides automated location data on all personnel in your facility during emergency events. It provides precise and up-to-the second intelligence using wireless RFID mustering technology. Readers at your muster points automatically log badge-carrying personnel as safe when they arrive, so you can focus on the rest of your incident response.



Real Time Guard Tour Solution

Monitor the guard’s progress without any action or input from the guards, and record whether guards carry out their tour on time. Our wireless system monitors, records and time stamps their progress with no swiping, clocking or other action required. Location intelligence data is collected and managed through an easy-to-use web-based application, which provides various reports, and real-time alerts for specified events.



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