Shopping for Key Management Solutions? - Ask about RFID

Those metal tags you use to manage and monitor your keys are costing you a lot of time and a lot of money—without delivering a lot of value.

Every time you put metal against metal—checking out a key, returning it to the cabinet, or even rubbing it against metal items in your pocket—there’s wear and tear on that metal tag. Sometimes it’s just plain dirt that’s the culprit—cleaning key fobs becomes another regularly scheduled manual task that has to be monitored and supervised. Some things can’t be cleaned away: rust, wear and corrosion guarantee that eventually those key fobs will have to be replaced.  Worn key fobs can become unusable without warning and this causes all kinds of delays and inefficiencies in day to day business operation.KeyTracer-new-products-keyTag.jpg

Real Time Networks pioneered, and continues to lead the way, in eliminating the costs of maintaining tags with their KeyTracer Key Management Solutions. Our tagging technology is based not on metal or contact points, but on RFID. Each KeyTracer key fobs is a passive RFID fob that communicates with the cabinet control terminal. When the control terminal receives the signal, it opens the cabinet and a red indicator light illuminates the slot and shows the user where the key needs to be returned. The key fobs is inserted into the slot, safely secured, and the cabinet locked when it’s closed. There is no guessing, no ability to insert our round key tag incorrectly, which gives you the assured reliability every single time. Even with the key in its position on the panel, there’s still no metal-to-metal touching because the tag itself is not metal, and neither is the locking point on the panel where it’s secured.

This means that you have a maintenance free tag: no cleaning, no replacement, and no unexpected failures. And if the tag fails—you don’t have to worry, it has a lifetime warranty for failure. You can’t beat that for peace of mind.

RFID can also deliver value beyond durability and reliability. Our RTNmobile wireless location modules placed throughout your building and perimeter allow you to instantly pinpoint the location of lost keys. They can also protect your exits, sounding a location alarm if someone is leaving the building with tagged keys. And reporting is customized, automatic and able to deliver real time visibility to where your keys are every second of every day.

No maintenance. Detailed logging. Instant location and security. All provided by RFID, and all a giant step above metal tags.

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Editor's note: This post was originally published in September 2015 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.