Security is a huge concern in the modern world. Threats arise both big and small that can be costly and time consuming to businesses. Not only do businesses contain valuable equipment and cash inside their premises, there can also be client information and other types of data that is confidential, as well as exclusive ideas and inventions.


Key Management Systems Help Protect Valuable Assets 

One of the easiest ways to increase security in your business is to get a key management system like the ones we provide at Real Time Networks. It is a simple process that offers invaluable control and peace of mind to those worried about the ease of access many people have to their business.

Key Management Systems, simply put, are a way of organizing the physical keys that allow people to gain entry to the premises and different parts of your business, be it a safe or controlled area. Key management systems like the one we use at KeyTracer give you an electronically powered key cabinet for unrivaled control over who has access to your keys.

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This extra and essential security measure allows your keys to be accessed via authorization. For example, one way this could happen is a person looking to take a key from this electronic cabinet will have to enter a PIN or serial number. This will only allow them to obtain the key they need, meaning all other keys will remain in the cabinet.

There are many benefits to key management systems. You will be able to control exactly who can go where within your building. It also prevents the loss of unused keys. You will know when keys are taken out due to record-keeping and what areas have been accessed and when.

It is a small step to take but key management systems offer a big advantage to security within your business.

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