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The Most Reliable and Effective Way to Store, Manage, and Protect Your Keys

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In today's world, day-to-day businesses rely on physical keys to control access to their facilities, vehicles, and equipment.  

But what if there was a way to turn all of your existing keys into smart keys? 

This is KeyTracer, from Real Time Networks. Its unique design combines powerful software with the strongest physical security measures to assemble a complete key control solution. 

Key tracer fobs use RFID technology to manage and track your keys, giving you a durable maintenance-free key management solution with a lifetime warranty.  

Built-in management solutions give you the power to set key curfews, enable alerts for late key returns, or notifications for unauthorized access attempts. All while only allowing just the keys a user is assigned to. 

Each cabinet and panel is available with six different types of authentication. Guaranteeing security, increasing accountability, maximizing efficiency, and decreasing cost. 

KeyTracer's modern and adaptable design features, along with its lifetime warranties on key fobs, gives you the peace of mind of knowing your investment will be secure for years to come.  

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