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Best Practices for Replacing an Existing Electronic
Key Management System

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Electronic key control systems represent a significant advancement over traditional mechanical key cabinets. They offer enhanced security and comprehensive management capabilities for keys, personnel, and workflows.

While the benefits of upgrading are clear, the process of switching systems can be daunting. Concerns about potential disruptions and system failures are common.

This guide addresses these concerns by providing best practices for installing an electronic key management system with minimal disruption. 

What’s Inside:



Planning and preparation steps to ensure a smooth transition.



Step-by-step guidance for implementing the new system.



Tips for maintaining and optimizing your new system.

Key Topics Covered:

  1. Understanding Your Objectives - Aligning the new system with your long-term goals.
  2. Site Assessment - Evaluating physical and technical requirements. 
  3. Stakeholder Engagement - Involving key personnel early in the process.
  4. Training and Support - Ensuring all users are proficient with the new system. 
  5. Risk Management - Identifying and mitigating potential risks. 

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