Energy Sector

Security & Key Control Solutions

Delivering superior security and control

Our key control and asset management solutions for the energy sector combine reliable security hardware with cutting edge software and real-time location applications. Our solutions are custom-designed to give you maximum security and access control over your site’s assets, keys, vehicle fleet, and personnel.

We design fully integrated security solutions. Easily coordinate all of your security systems through a secure, browser-based application. Generate customizable reports for all audit and compliance needs.

We offer full lifecycle service. From your initial consultation, to customized installation, to on-site training for your personnel. Then ongoing, with 24/7 phone support and on-site support.


Key Control & Fleet Management Systems

  • Automated transaction logging ensures keys are always accounted for, curbing unnecessary re-keying costs or regulatory breaches
  • Provides total awareness of who is accessing your site and vehicles, ideal for new, high security, or rapidly-growing sites
  • Automated alerts can trigger alarms, emails, or texts if keys are not returned at the end of shifts
  • Easily manage who has access to your facilities and vehicle fleet through a central browser-based application
  • Your choice of access method: fingerprint, facial reader, proximity card, or PIN code
  • Sturdy and expandable key cabinets are cost-effective and suitable for any sized facility

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