Intelligent Lockers

An efficient solution to track and manage valuable assets with built-in automation and process control features.


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Accountability for All of Your Equipment and Assets

The AT Intelligent Lockers Series boasts a unique modular design so you’re able to get maximum insight and control over your assets from a management solution custom-built to your exact needs.

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Prevent Loss and Reduce Time-Consuming Asset Management

Use AssetTracer Electronic Asset Lockers to:

  • Prevent asset loss or misplacement
  • Eliminate manual record keeping and errors 
  • Keep an audit trail of each individual asset
  • Simplify compliance efforts with automatic logs and usage reports 
  • Restrict access to each item by individual user, group of users or department with multiple access levels. Role-based access control  
  • Choose from multiple authentication methods, including PIN code, card access, fingerprint or facial reader, mobile phone, or iris identification
  • Assemble the exact system you need and expand when needed thanks to a scalable and modular system design 
  • Store, track, and charge one or more devices per compartment
  • Real time alarms and email notifications for late returns
  • Manage all access and reporting through our browser-based RTNHub Software

AssetTracer AT Series Lockers

Modular and Customizable

An AT Series Intelligent Locker Solution is assembled from locker modules that can be combined into vertical or horizontal stacks according to your exact needs. Mix and match different sized storage compartments and only buy the number of compartments needed, so you’re not paying for extra storage space. An emergency operation mode ensures that all systems remain operational in the event of a power or network failure.

Ability to customize with different paint colors or a branded wrap, and choose between 100% metal doors or metal with clear high impact poly-carbonate windows.

Options include:

  • Charging ports for radios, mobile devices, or other electronics
  • Wired or wireless asset tracking system that confirms the correct assets are returned to lockers during transactions

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RTN SmartTerminal

Control access to your assets using the RTN SmartTerminal which comes with every AssetTracer Locker. Choose from multiple authentication options, including PIN code, access control card, fingerprint or facial reader, mobile phone, or iris identification technology. Our easy-to-use touch-screen SmartTerminal prompts users through the take/return process and its intuitive menu system keeps transactions fast, secure, and simple.

Asset fault logging features are available on the terminal, allowing users to note a fault in the asset when being returned. An integrated camera optionally records users during transactions and includes the images or video in transaction logs for added accountability and security.

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RTNHub Software

The RTNHub Software shows you everything you need to know about your assets, lockers, and users. It lets you make instant updates and respond to alerts that you have customized. All available on both PCs and mobile devices.

  • Rapidly provision new users and modify access rights.
  • Authorized personnel can trigger emergency releases remotely
  • Install on your own IT infrastructure, or leverage Real Time Networks' hosted cloud offering
  • Manage all of your keys, assets, and people in one single software platform
  • Browser-based application supports administration across multiple locations
  • Custom reports and alerts
  • Export or email reports in any format
  • Access control integration
  • Open API allows for integration with legacy systems
  • Your AssetTracer solution is supported by a team of security experts 24/7

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