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What Are Intelligent Lockers?

AssetTracer intelligent lockers are modular storage lockers that enable you to protect your most valuable assets. Flexible by design, you can create a bespoke storage solution that meets your unique requirements, while managing and tracking assets across the organization and ensuring only authorized individuals can access them.

What Do Intelligent Lockers Do?

Instead of scrambling to find important assets or spending time keeping track of who’s taken out what, you can have intelligent lockers manage those tasks for you. Never second-guess where something is and always know who’s responsible for every transaction.

protect your assets
Loss Prevention

Automated asset storage and tracking system increases transparency and reduces human error.

Save Time and Money
Save Time and Money

Eliminate manual record-keeping and errors.


Add additional storage space as the needs of your organization change.

Build the perfect solution by mixing and matching module types, sizes, colors, and more.
Keep your storage system up to date by leveraging the newest technologies as they come to market (e.g., RFID and USB tracking).
Leverage an automated audit trail and real-time alerts for unreturned assets.
Secure storage

Ensure only authorized users can access assets.

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AssetTracer intelligent lockers give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your most important assets are accounted for at all times.

24/7 Accountability for All of Your Equipment and Assets
  • Store, track, and charge one or more devices per compartment.
  • Wired or wireless asset tracking system that confirms the correct assets are returned to lockers during transactions.
  • An emergency operation mode ensures that all systems remain operational in the event of a power or network failure.
Asset tracking (1)
Modular and Customizable Design

An AssetTracer intelligent locker solution is assembled from locker modules that can be combined into vertical or horizontal stacks according to your exact needs.

  • Mix and match different sized storage compartments.
  • Only buy the number of compartments needed, so you’re not paying for extra storage space.
  • Ability to customize with different paint colors or a branded wrap, and choose between 100-percent metal doors or metal with clear, high-impact poly-carbonate windows.
  • Charging ports for radios, mobile devices, or other electronics.

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Instant Productivity

Experience immediate productivity gains with a system that automatically keeps records and tracks each asset for you.

  • Keep an audit trail of each individual asset.
  • Simplify compliance efforts with automatic logs and usage reports.
Automatic Notifications

Receive real-time alerts whenever assets aren’t returned on time and automatically notify employees who are responsible for them.

Automatic notifications
Reclaim Time and Money

Spend less time and capital on tedious asset management tasks and reinvest that energy in other, more important areas of operations.

  • Manage all access and reporting through our browser-based RTNHub Software—no more spreadsheets or paper records.
  • Keep your fingers on the pulse of real-time asset location to optimize shared asset usage and keep inventory at optimal levels.
Reclaim time
Control Access

Ensure only authorized individuals can access your most important assets with role-based access control.

  • Restrict access to each item by individual user, group of users, or department with multiple access levels using role-based access control.
Robust Authentication 

Choose the authentication method that makes the most sense for your operations:

  • PIN codes
  • Card access
  • Fingerprint readers
  • Facial readers
  • Mobile phones
  • Iris identification
Robust authentication 


Extra Features

Restrict access

Permit only authorized employees to access computers, machinery, and other valuable and important items

Streamline management, tracking, and compliance

Create an audit trail automatically for every individual asset with automatic transaction logging

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Reduce costs

Keep your fingers on the pulse of real-time asset location to optimize shared asset usage and keep inventory at optimal levels

Durable hardware storage solutions powered by intelligent software.

RTNHub Software

The RTNHub Software shows you everything you need to know about your assets, lockers, and users. It lets you make instant updates and respond to alerts that you have customized. All available on both PCs and mobile devices.


RTN SmartTerminal

Our easy-to-use touch-screen SmartTerminal prompts users through the take/return process, and its intuitive menu system keeps transactions fast, secure, and simple.

Asset fault logging features are available on the terminal, allowing users to note a fault in the asset when being returned. An integrated camera optionally records users during transactions and includes the images or video in transaction logs for added accountability and security.


Locker Customization Options

Combine any number of the different locker compartment modules with an access terminal module to build an AT Series physical asset management system that fits your exact needs, suitable for securing anything from smartphones, two-way radios, and laptops, to side arms, long guns, and evidence, to automated package delivery.

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