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What is a Key Exit Alarm System?

By Shannon Arnold on Dec 17, 2019

Some businesses are content to simply use a pegboard and the honor system to manage keys. Other businesses find using an electronic key management system to be more effective. And then there are businesses that need an additional layer of control to ensure that their physical keys never leave the building.

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Aloft Liverpool Hotel's Key Management Challenges

By Shannon Arnold on Apr 2, 2019

Historic Buildings, Modern Problems 

Aloft Liverpool located in city center Liverpool, England had a lot going for it. In just five short years it had established itself as a boutique destination hotel in an up and coming corner of the City Center district. Within walking distance of museums, concert halls, Liverpool’s Conference Center, and the scenic River Mersey, Aloft had turned the deteriorating Royal Insurance Building and surrounding area into an attractive mixture of “history and modernity,” as they liked to say.

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Key Management Systems Comparison

By Shannon Arnold on Oct 5, 2017

A wide range of key management systems are available today. It can be a challenge to decide exactly which one is right for your needs. This decision is critical, as not every key control system will work for every organization. Purchasing the wrong one can have serious financial repercussions.

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A Buyer's Guide: The Top Ten Checklist for Key Management Systems

By Shannon Arnold on Oct 27, 2016

There are many key management systems available on the market, and many competing providers make similar claims. To help guide your planning and purchasing process and make wise choices, Key Tracer has tapped its 10+ years of industry experience with the questions that we get asked every day to create a best practices guide. If you’re considering buying a key control system for the first time, or looking to upgrade your existing system, there are principles that you want to keep in mind. We've summarized some of the key points from this guide below.

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The Evolution of Fleet Management Solutions

By Shannon Arnold on Oct 24, 2016

It wasn’t that long ago that fleet management was more of a guessing game, with labor-intensive manual logs. What's more, key-cut businesses were racking in the dough cutting multiple keys for local businesses with fleets. When a key went missing, a runner was sent to get a new one cut.

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RFID Technology Delivers the Best ROI on Key Management Solutions

By Shannon Arnold on Sep 8, 2015

Shopping for Key Management Solutions? - Ask about RFID

Those metal tags you use to manage and monitor your keys are costing you a lot of time and a lot of money—without delivering a lot of value.

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The Benefits of Implementing a Key Management System

By Shannon Arnold on Mar 10, 2015


Security is a huge concern in the modern world. Threats arise both big and small that can be costly and time consuming to businesses. Not only do businesses contain valuable equipment and cash inside their premises, there can also be client information and other types of data that is confidential, as well as exclusive ideas and inventions.

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