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Asset and Key Tracking Solutions for Law Enforcement

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Asset and Key Tracking Solutions for Law Enforcement

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Are you spending less time serving and protecting, and more time searching for critical tools that keep your officers safe? At Real Time Networks, we understand the frustration and recognize the countless hours wasted in tracking and managing your assets.

Our AssetTracer electronic locker system tracks, stores, and protects all critical assets and ensures chain-of-custody by securely storing evidence. Temperature-controlled compartments store evidence safely ensuring specimen evidence is not spoiled after collection.

AssetTracer’s detailed reporting logs checkouts, returns, and schedules, and enables after-hour drop off, even at 2 am, with real-time reporting and email alerts.

Real Time Network’s AssetTracer is your go-to management solution to store gear and equipment in dedicated compartments. Weapons, radar guns, 2-way radios, tasers, body cams, and more. Keep them secure, and fully charged at all times.

AssetTracer’s electronic lockers are modular, customizable, and can be configured for virtually any size or budget. Replacing lost keys is a burden to productivity and your budget.

Our KeyTracer system streamlines and automates the management and audit trails of every key in your fleet, facility, and country corrections, ensuring their safe return. And our state-of-the-art exit alarm system prevents keys from leaving authorized locations within your facility.Join the thousands of law enforcement agencies worldwide using Real Time Network’s AssetTracer and KeyTracer solutions.

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