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Automated Asset and Key Tracking for Law Enforcement

See how law enforcement agencies use smart technology to enhance their agency's capabilities, productivity, and efficiency.

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Proven Ways to Enhance Your Law Enforcement Agency’s Capabilities

Law enforcement agencies rely on a wide range of equipment to protect the public. Firearms, safety equipment, electronic devices, and other supplies all require careful management. 
Agencies also need to deal with evidence, seized narcotics, fleet vehicle keys, and many objects with unique storage requirements. To better protect the public, law enforcement agencies first need to protect all of these assets. 
Smart asset lockers and electronic key cabinets can automate that management process. They enable law enforcement officers and staff to spend less time on tedious administrative tasks and more time on actual law enforcement.  
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  • They include key storage boxes, or cabinets.
  • Automatically distribute them.
  • And enhance how effectively your organization uses keys thanks to new insights generated by smart technology analytics.

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Our Solutions



Police Gear Secure
Storage & Tracking

AssetTracer smart lockers offer secure storage and automated tracking for your police gear, like radar kits, duty bags, pooled firearms, radios, and cameras. Charge all your electronic devices right in the lockers, so they’re always ready.


Facility and Fleet Key Secure Storage & Tracking

Eliminate key loss and improve vehicle availability using a KeyTracer smart key management system. Law enforcement personnel can reserve vehicles and report damage from a convenient self-service web dashboard.


Secure Automated
Evidence Deposit

You can provision AssetTracer smart lockers with climate-controlled compartments for evidence management. That means your personnel can securely deposit evidence 24/7, maintaining a complete electronic chain of custody record.

What is AssetTracer™ Electronic Asset Locker?

  1. Asset storage is considered an essential component of law enforcement facility designed and instituted by the US department of justice.
  2. A smart locker has the security of a standard police locker, but has content surveillance sensors and access controls on each compartment.
  3. It has control over each and every locked compartment, and has the intelligence to know what lockers have been accessed, by whom and when.
Learn more by downloading the Free Guide
AssetTracer Smart Locker for Police and Law Enforcement Agencies to Securely Store Weapons, Police Gear, Evidence and Police Equipment

What is KeyTracer™ Key Cabinet System?

  1. It allows you to manage all of your keys and control who can access them, where they are taken, and when they are used.
  2. Motor pools can be managed without affecting department operations. Vehicles are ready when needed.
  3. Reserve vehicle keys via a PC or smart phone with a unique login.
Learn more by downloading the Free Guide
KeyTracer is an innovative key management system designed specifically for the management of keys of police cars and law enforcement facilities

Automate all of your key, asset, and evidence transactions safely and securely

Allow your law enforcement personnel to get the fleet keys and gear they need, on their own, at any time of day, without sacrificing security or accountability. Monitor transactions in real time so you always know who has which critical assets.

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