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Why Electronic Key Management is Critical for Fleet Managers

By Shannon Arnold on Oct 31, 2017

Fleet managers shoulder the responsibility for high value, potentially dangerous equipment. Not only are they tasked with maximizing the life of the fleet, they must also keep a close eye on security and liability concerns. And because most government, municipal and corporate fleet vehicles display the name and seal of their community, their operation and condition carries a strong public relations message.

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Electronic Key Management : A Framework to Analyze ROI

By Shannon Arnold on Jan 10, 2017

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Don’t Optimize Your Key Management Process, Eliminate It!

By Shannon Arnold on Sep 20, 2016

Think for a moment about all the steps and all the people involved with doing something that seems so simple; issuing, tracking and returning keys. Guards or other personnel are appointed to the key management process—often more than one and often 24 hours a day. There are supervisors monitoring those guards. There are sign in/out sheets and logs maintained and regular reporting that has to be done. And that’s if things go smoothly. If physical keys are lost or stolen, more people get involved, more forms are filled out, and sometimes outside vendors brought into to re-key locks.

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Olympic Park Tightens Security with Real-Time Key Tracking

By Shannon Arnold on Jun 14, 2016

Key Control Challenges

Prior to automating key control, the Montreal Olympic Park had been using a handwritten registry to track the issue and return of approximately 2,500 keys. Each day, someone was responsible for manually recording which key sets were being checked out and by whom, on which day and time, and recording the return of the keys.

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