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Theft, loss and misuse of your business’s valued assets can be costly… and dangerous.

AssetTracer Smart Locker Systems is the first modular locker that gives you complete control of your most valued assets.

You can control exactly which compartments a user has access to, and when. 

To gain access to the locker compartments, a user must first authenticate themselves using the integrated Smart terminal.

Verification can be done either by PIN Code, Prox card reader or biometric readers.

Each compartment can be equipped with a charging bay, so your items are always ready for use. You can also add content surveillance technology inside each compartment for added security.

The system automatically keeps an audit trail of every item taken and returned, at what time, and by whom.  

The AssetTracer Smart Locker System is modular and built to your precise needs and specifications. Combine different compartment sizes in a single locker to secure various types of assets. 

That means, you only pay for the compartments you need, and can choose to expand at any time. 

Every Locker is equipped with a battery backup, to protect you in case of power failure. 

All of this is backed by our standard 2-year warranty and customer support. 

No one can afford the loss associated with mismanaged assets, contact Real Time Networks today for a risk-free, no-obligation quotation. 


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