Key Control Terminals & Authentication


Access Control Terminals for KeyTracer Key Control Cabinets

To gain access to the cabinet and keys, we offer a choice of access control terminals with or without an integrated smart card reader which allows customers to use their existing proximity access control cards, PIN or both. There is also an option to add biometric verification or a touch screen interface.

After logging in, the user selects the desired key either from a list of keys or simply by its slot number. The system will
automatically guide the user to the corresponding key slot.

  • Ability to specify time frames for key access
  • Set the allowed duration for holding the key
  • Set the maximum number of keys that can be taken at once for each individual user
  • Quick key return via key fob reader in the Terminal. The Terminal will identify the key and guide the user to the right slot
  • Users can obtain quick information directly at the terminal about the current holder of a key
  • See the list of key fobs that are available or taken
  • Power management feature that ensures that the KeyTracer system keeps working in case of a power failure

KeyTracer KeyPad

  • Numerical key pad
  • Optional proximity card reader
  • Quick key return via an integrated key fob reader
  • Intelligent power management
  • Illuminated key pad and display

KeyTracer Touch

  • 5.7" touch screen
  • Optional proximity card reader
  • Quick key return via integrated key fob reader
  • Network and standalone capable
  • Supports UNICODE

RTN SmartTerminal

  • 15" touch screen on a rugged commercial tablet
  • Optional proximity card reader
  • Integrated camera
  • Fleet management functionality
  • Displays information on attributes logged by users, such as faults
  • Intelligent power management
  • Can be configured to support any operational workflow, such as first in first out.

Additional Authentication Methods


Smart Phone

Authenticate using your smart phone with our mobile credential system to access assets inside locker compartments. 

  • Practical for issuing temporary access to contractors or visitors
  • Convenient and affordable
  • Provide or remove user credentials in seconds
  • Ability to set expiration date for credentials

Fingerprint Reader

  • Reliable, durable and highly accurate fingerprint sensor with latest fingerprint matching algorithm which provides less than 1.5 second user recognition
  • Easy operation and management, works without computer.
  • Can store up to 3,000 templates and 30,000 transactions.
  • The data can be backed up to a USB flash drive
  • 2.4-inch TFT LCD Color Screen

Proximity Card Access

An optional Multi-Technology card reader from can be installed and integrated with any KeyTracer control terminal you choose to work with. Other readers using a
Wiegand/Magstripe interface can also be integrated readily. 

Contact us to find out if your proximity cards are supported.


Multi-Biometric Reader (Facial + Fingerprint)

When users glance into the camera, it captures the relative position, size, and shape of user's eyes, nose, cheekbones, and jaw features.
  • Fast & accurate identification - 1 touch a second user recognition
  • Infra-red optical system enables machine to work well at night
  • Can store up to 1,500 facial templates and 2,000 fingerprint templates.
  • The data can be backed up to a USB flash drive
  • 3-inch touch screen

Iris Identification

  • High speed iris capture & matching 
  • On or off-device iris template matching
  • Up to 100K user record local 1:N matching in 1 second
  • National ID quality iris image - standards compliant
  • Intuitive user interface with virtual LED indication
  • 5 MP face camera white LED flash
  • Comfortable capture distance 28~38 cm (11~15 Inches)

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