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Improve Team Productivity, Reduce Administrative Costs, and Make Sure Your Most Important Assets are Secure

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Welcome to Real Time Networks.

Creator of state-of-the-art asset tracking and workflow management solutions for your valuable assets, fleet and facilities keys, and the people in your organization. Our suite of solutions deliver accountability, security and automated management control - so that you can maximize productivity and efficiency, while reducing administrative costs.

AssetTracer’s smart locker management system uses proven technology, like RFID and Bluetooth to track and secure your valuable assets. So instead of scrambling to find things and keep track of who’s taken out what and when you will always know where every valuable asset is located and who’s responsible for it.

With RealTime Network’s KeyTracer system, you’ll experience instant gains inefficiency. KeyTracer is a complete RFID-based key management system designed with smart,  expandable, and modular solutions to prevent unauthorized access, provide full accountability of keys and a complete audit trail of every key transaction. This will allow you to track and control access, at all times and all locations.

(What’s more: unlike any other key management solutions, Real Time Network’s KeyTracer features a fail-proof Key Exit Alarm system that prevents key rings from leaving the facility. An active RFID key fob is attached to the keyring and emits a signal that will automatically trigger an alarm as a key approaches an exit or gets taken anywhere unauthorized. You can now fully protect your organization against the risks of key compromise, and optimize security all around.)

And of course, an organization is never without its people. Real Time Networks’ Workplace Safety is a powerful real-time location solution that keeps track of where employees, contractors, and visitors are everywhere in your facilities at any given time. You can quickly account for everyone during emergency mustering, pair visitors with staff to get separation alerts, and provide protection for lone workers, no matter how complex or isolated their posts are.

At RealTime Networks, the safety and security of your organization and its assets are our top priority. Let us do all the tracking for you, so that you can get on with your day, streamline your workflow, optimize your productivity, and focus on your mission.

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