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Gain real-time visibility into where your organization’s most important assets are at all times.

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Secure Your Most Valuable Assets with AssetTracer Smart Lockers

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An asset is defined as a useful or valuable thing. Until recently, we stored our assets in one place, one room, one lock.

But what if you have different assets for different people or different uses? How do you manage and track those assets?

This is AssetTracer, from Real Time Networks. Its unique design allows you to optimize space and investment by offering the widest range of compartment sizes, a variety of door types, ventilation patterns, paint colors, and six different types of authentication.

Mix and match compartments to fit your specific needs, and easily expand by adding columns. This modular design means your asset tracer is future proof, with optional RFID or USB tracking built into each compartment, you can track and locate every asset at any time.

Asset tracer is powered by a state-of-the-art touch screen terminal and RTN Hub software that is designed and tested for ease of use, automated workflows, and greater efficiency.

Asset tracer is more than secure storage. It automates, manages, and tracks assets, keeping you focused on what really matters, improving accountability, and reducing asset inventory costs.

Real Time Networks: solutions to manage and track your assets in real time.

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