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Your business is fast-paced. It seems like keeping track of all your high-value equipment is taking up more time every day. And whenever something goes missing it costs you time and money getting back on track. 

You need a secure, reliable system for managing all of the equipment you have today... 

...and the tools your business will need tomorrow. 

That’s why Real Time Networks designed the AssetTracer smart locker system. 

You design your AssetTracer system by combining and stacking modular smart lockers according to your exact needs. Real Time Networks engineers take care of the rest. 

Your staff select the assets they need through an easy-to-use touchscreen. 

You set who can access which lockers and when through an intuitive online management system. 

Maintain tight control over the firearms and radios at your corrections facility. And trigger emergency access for rapid incident response. 

At a power plant charge, laptops and electronic equipment while they’re secured in your AssetTracer system so they’re ready whenever you need them. And get a transaction log generated automatically for your compliance reports. 

Restrict after-hours access to the expensive compounds at your pharmaceutical plant. 

There are as many ways to use an AssetTracer system as there are businesses. And if your needs change, expand the system at any time.

Save your time, your business’s money, and feel secure knowing your equipment is protected exactly how you need. 

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