Evidence Storage Lockers

An evidence storage solution with automated auditing and access control.

AssetTracer is a modular locker system that offers secure storage and controls access to evidence. It automatically documents a full audit trail of who, what and when evidence was deposited or withdrawn from the locker. The system provides real time reporting and alerts.

Our electronic evidence storage locker systems can be customized to meet the needs of any evidence handling procedures.

AssetTracer evidence locker systems help you:

  • Audit access to the evidence, with optional photo identification inside the audit reports
  • Maintain the most accurate chain of custody
  • Ability to deposit 1 or more objects, and prompt the user to add notes, descriptions, or case number upon deposit
  • Unauthorized access denied
  • Reduce liability and risk

Features and Benefits:

Improved Availability and Security

  • Officers can securely store and deposit when needed
  • Evidence technicians can access the system when
    needed to withdraw evidence
  • Multiple levels of access and role-based access

Complete Management

  • Control access to individual lockers based on identity or time of day
  • Role-based access control features in management software
  • Real time reports and automated alerts notify when new evidence is deposited and/or withdrawn.
  • Remote monitoring of multiple locations from a central

Improved Accountability

  • Automated transaction logging provides a full audit trail and detailed reporting on chain of custody
  • Optional RFID asset tracking technology: know when each item has been taken out and whether it has been returned
  • Optional integrated camera on the locker Smart Terminal logs user photos in the transaction log for added accountability and security
  • Optional video cameras can be placed in third-person point-of-view to take videos of transactions further ensuring full accountability of who access the locker and what they deposited or withdrew.

Rugged Design for Busy Locations

  • Durable lockers built with 18-gauge steel frame and panels
  • Compact modular design gives you high-density storage when floor space is tight
  • A range of compartment sizes and optional asset tagging makes our solution adaptable to secure, manage and track evidence
  • Emergency opening feature

How It Works

evidence locker_illustration


  • Authenticate to the locker
  • Choose suitable compartment for deposit
  • Enter item description, case number and notes
  • Deposit evidence
  • Notification email sent (optional)

Evidence Room Staff

  • Authenticate
  • View list of compartments with evidence
  • Choose compartment to withdraw
  • Withdraw evidence

Evidence Lockers Product Sheet

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