Evidence Locker

An evidence storage solution with automated auditing and access control.

The AssetTracer electronic locker solution offers secure storage for evidence, and a refrigerated locker for biological material. AssetTracer completely automates access control, records every operation and provides real time auditing and reporting.

AssetTracer allows departments to control and review access to each individual locker in real time. With full network capability, our solution allows authorized personnel to track and document which officers and evidence technicians access the system, which evidence lockers they entered, and the date and time of every transaction. This can be done on-site or from another location using RTNHub software.

Our evidence storage systems are designed to meet the needs of any department’s evidence handling processes.

  • Audit function provides record of who gained access to the evidence, with optional photo identification inside the audit reports
  • Maintain the most accurate chain of custody
  • Unauthorized access denied
  • Reduce liability and risk

Features and Benefits:

  • Control who can access each item or compartment in the locker, restrict when they can be taken, ensure chain of custody
  • A range of compartment sizes, optional scales and asset tagging makes our solution adaptable to secure, manage and track any type of asset
  • Methods of authentication: PIN, Prox cards, biometric readers, IrisID and smart phone
  • Emergency opening feature
  • Integration with access control systems
  • Asset tracking technology: know when each item has been taken out and whether it has been returned
  • On-demand activity report generation
  • Automatic door locking when not being accessed
  • Multiple levels of security
  • Remote monitoring of multiple locations from a central location

Smart Asset Lockers Product Sheet

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