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Features and Benefits

RTNHub — Key Management Software

Real Time Networks develops security solutions for keys, assets, and people, all managed from a central application: RTNHub. RTNHub is the place where all settings, users, access rights, keys and integrations are managed for our KeyTracer locker solution. The built-in reporting and alerts allows administrators to:

  • Manage, track, and locate keys in real time
  • Get alerts for late key returns
  • Increase staff productivity and accountability with a full audit trail
  • Perform an emergency release of keys remotely through the browser-based application
  • Supports an unlimited number of users and administrators, with no additional licensing fees for new users
  • Enterprise-ready: Manage locker systems and assets across a multi-site organization

Benefits at a Glance

  • One application connecting all Real Time Networks
  • Simple and intuitive browser-based dashboard
  • Scalable and expandable with different software modules
  • Generate customized reports
  • Interfaces to third-party security and IT systems
  • System setup and maintenance facilitated by robust administrative features
  • Remotely release keys during emergencies
  • Available in multiple languages

Full-Featured Key Management Solution

User Management

Create and maintain user profiles, credentials, and item assignments within RTNHub. Several user categories and types are available, giving you multiple levels of access control.

  • Create and maintain user records
  • Verify and validate user credentials
  • Create and maintain key or key group user
  • Efficiently manage access rights with user groups
  • Remove or assign access to keys in real time
  • Set up time profiles for access to keys by user

Asset Management Software

Configure access rules for every asset you want to track and ensure that they are accounted for at all times. Users can only access items that have been assigned to them. Control and audit that access by individual user or asset compartment.

  • Create and manage keys, key groups, and key cabinets
  • Authorize user access only during specified time frames
  • Restrict access outside specified time frames by individual user or user group
  • Centrally manage multiple systems on the same network
  • Create custom-defined asset attributes to aid transaction logging. Examples for vehicles: Color, Faults, Fuel Level, Make, Mileage, Model, and Parking Location


Users may schedule access to specific keys in time frames you permit. Administrators can review, supervise, and override reservations in real time.

  • Users self-manage access, by adding, editing, and deleting their reservations as you authorize
  • Users may reserve assets by hour, day, week, or month, or create reoccurring reservations
  • Administrator Calendar View lets you view and override all reservations in same time blocks
  • Reserve single or multiple keys
  • Email alerts notify you when reservations are due or past due

Reports and Alerts

RTNHub provides a full audit trail on users, keys, and assets. Custom reports make it possible to analyze usage, user behavior, and alarms to satisfy any reporting requirement. Data backups, detailed rights assignments, and event recordings give you real-time assurance that your organization is compliant.

Reports are customizable for any auditing process or regulatory need. Standard reports can be generated by date range, assets taken or returned, by specific user or group, and much more.

Reports can be delivered via email or SMS in real time based on triggers you set, like a late key return, or on a schedule you specify. 

  • Key or item history reports
  • Mileage reports
  • Create alerts for late returns and mobile transfers
  • Add additional filters and customize report layouts so only the most pertinent information is displayed
  • Export report data to PDF, XLS, CSV, XML file formats

Custom reports can be generated using any field available in the database, including date ranges, specific users or groups, transaction history, current asset holders, faults or alarms.



Our Web services and LDAP interface allow third party applications to access RTNHub functions and request individual event data, full data imports, or event read-outs. Import and synchronize data on users, items, and keys with these integrated third-party systems.

Assign users and set privileges

Run a periodic import of web users via LDAP with SSO logi006E

Smart Terminal Configuration

  • Set personalized Smart Terminal name
  • Multiple authentication options, including:
    • PIN
    • Prox Card
    • IRIS ID
    • Biometrics (fingerprint/facial)
    • Smart Phone
  • Improve asset security by limiting display of Unavailable keys on the ‘Take’ screen
  • Optionally display Additional Details when appropriate
  • Authorize or force item returns by users other than who originally removed the key
  • Set a Return Time Required option, prompting users to enter when they are returning asset
  • For fleets, Mileage Check prompts users to log mileage upon return

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