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asset tracking

Guide to US Federal Funding for School Safety and Security

More than 50 million students are enrolled in public prekindergarten through secondary schools in the United States, with a further 20 million enrolled at some type of higher education institution. We know each school’s community members take safety seriously. In the wake of the disruptive Covid pandemic and continued patterns of school violence...
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electronic lockers

10 Benefits of Asset Tracking Using Smart Lockers

Tracking all of your tools, equipment, handheld electronics, and other assets becomes incredibly time-consuming as your company grows. Eventually, most companies add ‘equipment manager’ onto someone’s duties, only for that to become a full-time job.
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security locker

6 Reasons Every Business Should Invest in Security Lockers

Securing and managing a large equipment inventory doesn’t need to be a headache. Instead of using manual tracking processes and standard security lockers, many businesses find that deploying the latest generation of smart lockers is a worthwhile investment.
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