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Hotel Tablets - How to Manage Electronic Devices

By Matt Belo on Nov 27, 2018

By its very nature, the service industry is in a constant search for ways to improve and optimize the customer experience. Quicker sign in, improved staff workflow, and offering a personalized experience for each customer are all ways hotels aim to set themselves apart in an increasingly competitive industry. As a result, they’re turning to new methods and technologies to give themselves a competitive edge; the most recent trend we’re seeing in hotels and hospitality is the usage of handheld tablets, phones and iPods to staff members, concierges, and directly into rooms for customer use. The initiative has been put in place to enable staff to better serve customers and to help remain engaged in their day-to-day work. So you can expect a bit more than a mint on your pillow next time when you check into your hotel room for your next trip.  

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The True Cost of Asset Loss in a Digital World

By Matt Belo on Oct 23, 2018

As we all know, theft and asset loss are an unfortunate part of running a business. According to recent studies, 25% of employees have lost important assets relating to their job, and shoplifting combined with Employee Fraud and Theft cost retailers nearly $50 billion last year. While there are many tools to mitigate this loss, human error will always be present among even the most careful employees. 

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Defend Against Insider Threats with Real-Time Asset Management

By Shannon Arnold on Jun 7, 2017

Many people see asset management systems only as ways to protect their company’s electronics and hardware from theft. But current security technology collecting real-time, location-based data is also effective at protecting your company against a range of insider threats.

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Asset Management in the Age of the BYOD Workplace

By Shannon Arnold on May 30, 2017

Managing electronic assets at your business is difficult enough without having to worry about your staff’s personal devices. But this has become a common problem with the advent of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) expectations at many companies. Sometimes the expectation is pushed by employees, but sometimes it’s driven by employers themselves. 

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Universities Face A Wide Array of Security Threats

By Shannon Arnold on Apr 18, 2017

What’s Your Protection Profile?

You protect physical assets from security threats. The type and strength of protection you implement is driven by the kind of business or organization, and the type and severity of the threats you face. That new hospital wing—major security is demanded. The dirt lot next to it that you haven’t yet developed: a chain link fence will do. One organization might make the largest investment in protecting keys; others in protecting people; still others in protecting trucks and equipment. Every business touches multiple threat categories, but they’ve each got their focus. Of course, educational institutions have their own set of unique security threats.

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Need Better Asset Protection? Decide With This Quick 3-Step Appraisal

By Shannon Arnold on Feb 22, 2017

Determining the correct amount of protection to give your assets and facilities can be difficult. Ensuring you use only the most cost-effective security solutions requires you to first have a good understanding of your unique security threats and operational needs.

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