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RTN Workplace Safety Tracking Benefits

  • Keep People Safe: Give everyone who visits your facilities the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re accounted for. Easily monitor the safety of guards and lone workers.
  • Find Employees Fast: Locate every staff member, visitor, and contractor during emergencies and rapidly identify who’s missing. Pair visitors with staff members to get alerted if they separate.
  • Protect Your Assets: Control who has access to high-security facilities and assets to keep your most sensitive data and items secure

RTN Workplace Safety Solutions

  • Emergency Mustering & Automated Roll Call: Make sure all your employees are safe and accounted for during emergencies and incidents.
  • Automated Temperature Screening & Mask Detection: In a nonintrusive way, screen employees, contractors, and visitors for elevated temperatures and determine whether they’re wearing masks.
  • No-Contact Employee Identification: Use advanced facial recognition to identify and authenticate employees.
  • Secure Visitor Management: Enable guests to complete health screening and preregistration before arrival and sign in using a QR code.
Protect Employee Health

Solutions to Secure, Manage, and Track Your Assets

Make Tracking Easy

Use wireless RFID mustering technology to easily collect up-to-the-second intelligence about where people are in your facilities during emergencies.

Reclaim Time

Reinvest the time previously spent searching for employees in other mission-critical aspects of operations.

Customize the Solution

Configure the software to ensure you meet your organization’s unique requirements.

Additional Features: 

  • Utilize an Industry-Agnostic Solution: Deploy a flexible solution designed to help organizations in manufacturing, government, utilities, mining, and more.
  • Use on Any Device: Track employee, contractor, and visitor location from any device—even when you’re in transit from one place to the next.
  • Accelerate Emergency Response: Use automation to streamline roll call; mark people safe when they reach muster points; and detect when employees, contractors, and staff have exited a facility.
  • Improve Drilling Efficiency: Simplify evacuation training to get staff back to work faster and shave minutes off muster drill times.
  • Ensure Effective Evacuations: Keep tabs on a person’s last known location data and easily access relevant ID and contact info during emergencies.

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