Temperature Screening + Touchless Access Control

The RTN Temperature Screening Solution uses advanced thermal imaging technology for a safe, efficient and non-intrusive way to protect your employees and visitors. The device also has an advanced facial recognition algorithm that provides a means for no-contact employee identification and authentication.

Telethermographic Systems are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to help organizations mitigate risk.

Advanced security and convenience, all on a single affordable device.

Future Proof Investment

More than a temperature reader. Our latest face & palm recognition technology for employee authentication, with integration options to access control systems, label printers, and much more.

3-Year Warranty

On hardware & software. Count on our in-house support team to help when needed.

Backed by an Experienced Company

With a range of safety and security solutions and supports thousands of organizations worldwide.

High ROI Solution for Getting Back to Work Safely

Our unmanned solution allows to safely screen for fever. No human intervention or PPE is required.

Fast and Accurate

Embedded AI ensures person is in the optimal position and distance for the most accurate temperature read.  Temperature detection within 1 - 2 seconds with accuracy within 0.6 °F / 0.3 °C

Tried and Tested Technology

We have been selling and supporting these devices for 14+ years.

2 Modes of Operation

Standalone Temperature Screening

Does not store images or data; it simply screens for elevated body temperature and/or mask. Email, text message, PC-based alerts or relay-based alerts from the device including strobe light/siren/bell. Connect to a label printer to print a label confirming successful temperature screening.

Temperature Screening with Touchless Access Control

Screens for high temperature while performing no-contact biometric authentication. This option stores data and saves it, ensuring that images, personal data, and temperature measurements are available for review and analysis.

As a biometric reader, users can be enrolled for no-touch facial recognition or no-touch palm reading.


Why Choose RTN 

Comply with Best Practices

Screens for elevated body temperature while allowing to maintain social distance. No contact required.

Fully Automated for High ROI

Install and let the device do the work. No human intervention required.

Instant Notification

Be informed immediately if someone presents an elevated body temperature. Methods include Email, text message, alarm relay, strobe light, and more.

Access Control

Interface with access control systems to automatically prevent entry into buildings.

Easy to Install

Easy installation on any surface or stand. Mounting brackets and stands are available. WIFI enabled. Requires only an electrical outlet.

Real Time Networks is committed to helping our customers future-proof their investment. RTN will ensure that its solution helps you comply and meet requirements as guidelines around mitigating risk of local disease transmission evolve. 

The Real Time Networks Temperature Screening Solution will help minimize the spread of the coronavirus as we continue to serve our community, (…).Since March, we have committed to doing everything in our power to keep our staff, inmate residents, and community safe. The non-contact temperature readers are one of the many safeguards we have implemented in our facility to promote safety and health.

Sheriff Ezell Brown

Newton County Sheriff’s Office

The safety and health of our customers is mission-critical at Studeo Gym. That’s why we’ve implemented a full covid-19 response plan, that includes the temperature screening solution from Real Time Networks as a preventative measure among many others. Our customers must complete a health assessment questionnaire on the RTN temperature screening device, and then screen for elevated body temperature before even presenting member identification and entering the gym. All of this is done without any staff intervention, using a no-contact screening solution, and allows us to comply with social distancing guidelines.

Nathan Mellalieu, Founder

Studeo Gyms

    Keeping People Safe

    Safely screen employees and visitors for high temperature as they walk into a building or a defined area. The system can prevent people from entering if the pre-defined temperature threshold is exceeded or are not wearing a mask and trigger an alarm.

    Fulton county jail temp reader
    • Provides fast and accurate body-temperature measurement
    • Detects if a protective mask is being worn
    • Users can be denied door or system access if a high temperature or no mask is detected
    • Alerts and alarm options include email, text message, strobe light, siren and a popup on PC workstation 
    • Embedded face & palm recognition provides 100% hands-free hygienic user authentication for various applications


    • Measurement accuracy within 0.6 °F / 0.3 °C
    • Temperature detection within 1-3 seconds
    • WIFI enabled
    • Ideal user authentication read range between 18 - 22"
    • Measurement accuracy within 0.6 °F / 0.3 °C
    • Temperature detection within 1-3 seconds
    • WIFI enabled
    • Ideal user authentication read range between 18 - 22"

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