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What Is the RTN Health & Temperature Screening Solution?

The Real Time Networks Health & Temperature Screening Solution is a contactless health screening platform that enables you to scan employees and visitors for elevated body temperatures and face masks as they enter your facilities.

Powerful Employee Safety Solutions

In the COVID-19 era, you can’t afford to leave employee health to chance. With Real Time Networks Health & Temperature Screening, your organization can easily mitigate health risks, while ensuring compliance with regulations and guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control, the Food & Drug Administration, and other organizations.

Temperature Screening Benefits

keep your team safe
Keep Your Team Safe

Prevent employees and visitors from entering your facilities if they have a fever or aren’t wearing a mask.

maintain productivity
Maintain Productivity

Stay open for business by decreasing the likelihood that an outbreak of illness will keep your team at home for an extended period of time.

mitigate risks
Mitigate Risks

Avoid fines, lawsuits, and other penalties by doing everything you can to protect your team’s health and comply with regulations.


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Keep your workers healthy while proving you’re invested in their well-being.

Maintain Social Distance

Gauge employee and visitor health at a distance so no one is unnecessarily at risk of contracting an illness from someone who’s contagious.

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Unrivaled Accuracy

Get temperature results you can trust with our patented AI technology that is accurate within 0.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Instant Results

Find out right away whether someone has a normal temperature or not and receive instant notifications via email, text, alarm, strobe lights, label printers, and other methods.

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Control Access

Prevent individuals with elevated body temperatures from entering your facilities by using a solution that integrates with your access control system.

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Leverage a flexible solution designed for all industries, including hospitality, gaming, transportation, government, law enforcement, education, utilities, and more.

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Rapid Implementation

Get up and running quickly with a solution that’s easy to install and only requires a single electrical outlet.


“The safety and health of our customers is mission-critical at Studeo Gym. That’s why we’ve implemented a full covid-19 response plan, that includes the temperature screening solution from Real Time Networks as a preventative measure among many others. Our customers must complete a health assessment questionnaire on the RTN temperature screening device, and then screen for elevated body temperature before even presenting member identification and entering the gym. All of this is done without any staff intervention, using a no-contact screening solution, and allows us to comply with social distancing guidelines.”

Nathan Mellalieu
Founder, Studeo Gyms

“The Real Time Networks Temperature Screening Solution will help minimize the spread of the coronavirus as we continue to serve our community, (…).Since March, we have committed to doing everything in our power to keep our staff, inmate residents, and community safe. The non-contact temperature readers are one of the many safeguards we have implemented in our facility to promote safety and health.”

Sheriff Ezell Brown
Newton County Sheriff’s Office

Thousands of customers internationally trust Real Time Networks as their provider of safety and security solutions for over 25 years.

  • 3-Year Warranty on hardware & software
  • Count on our in-house support team to help when needed
  • Tried and Tested Technology: Thousands of devices sold to both large and small organizations



Advanced features help you manage safety protocols for employees, contractors, and visitors.

  • Customize Questionnaires: Issue pre-screening surveys and encourage sick staffers to stay at home when they answer in the affirmative. Employees and visitors access the survey on their mobile devices using QR codes.
  • No-Touch Temperature Screening and Mask Detection: Patented AI with over 1,000 points of reference provides the most accurate temperature read within 0.6 °F / 0.3 °C.
    • Temperature detection within 1-2 seconds.
    • Temperature readings are taken discreetly and can be hidden on the device.
    • Immediate notification via email alerts, dashboard reports and notifications, alarm relay, strobe lights or label printouts to discreetly notify of individuals out of compliance.
  • Mobile Support: Enable employees and visitors to access health surveys on their phones using QR codes.
  • Printable Test Results: Automatically print screening results to let each employee know whether they passed or failed their test and what to do next.
  • Facial and Palm Recognition: Advanced facial and palm recognition provides no-contact employee identification and authentication.
  • Visitor Management with QR Codes: Touchless self check-in kiosk uses a QR code to send the questionnaire to the user’s mobile device and automatically logs who is coming in and out of your facilities for contact tracing.
  • Integration with Your Existing Access Control System: Extend your investment by integrating RTN Health & Temperature Screening with KeyTracer, AssetTracer, and access control systems to prevent entry for those who fail surveys.
  • Protection of Sensitive Data: Take temperature readings discreetly and otherwise keep private information secure.

Easy to Install and Manage

  • Centralized software makes it easy to set up, manage, and monitor multiple devices.
  • Easy installation on any surface or stand. Mounting brackets, floor, and desk stands are available.
  • Wi-Fi enabled. Requires only an electrical outlet.
  • Standalone or network solutions are available.
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