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Workplace Safety

Make sure that your employees and visitors are safe in your facilities.

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Make Sure that Your Employees and Visitors are Safe in Your Facilities at All Times

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Security is defined as a state of being free from danger or threats. We secure our homes, our cars, our valuables. But how do we ensure a safe workplace environment for employees? What if there was a solution to completely integrate workplace safety and security?

Introducing Workplace Safety from Real Time Networks. Workplace Safety uses location-based data, to give you the ability to ensure complete and accurate employee safety throughout your entire facility.

Track and locate staff, visitors, and contractors in real-time using RFID badges, and in the event of an emergency, quickly locate people using automated roll call at muster points, regardless of how intricate your organization is. All with the ability to provide emergency responders the missing individual’s name, photo, and last known location because every moment counts.

Workplace Safety easy to use web-based application gives you a bird-sight view of your operations, and is hosted on-premise or in the cloud, making it completely independent.

Generate reports, set notifications, and respond to alerts with real-time accuracy.


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