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We use Keys for everything… and everywhere… to keep restricted areas locked up and protect valuable assets… in casinos, hotels, educational institutions, office buildings, police stations, prisons, and fleet management.

Without an automated system, managing keys often results in costly overhead to manually manage keys, accountability issues, and key loss. All of these issues lead to downtime, re-keying expenses, theft of valuable assets, and security risks.

KeyTracer Key Management Systems are designed to give you complete control over your keys. Track and control who has access, and precisely when they can take a key. Use the online reservations feature to better manage access to keys and fleet. The system automatically records every transaction in real time and send alerts when keys are not returned on time.

Authenticate users with PIN entry, proximity cards, fingerprint, facial readers, iris identification, or a combination in high security environments.

Users can only take authorized keys from the system. All other keys remain locked within the cabinet. When returning keys, simply scan the fob and return the key to the illuminated slot.

KeyTracer Systems are customizable by cabinet sizes and key modules. Network multiple cabinets to centralize operations across multiple facilities.

Add another layer of security with our key exit alarm system to ensure that keys never leave the building, or with our real time key location solution to track movement and locate keys inside your facility anytime you need to.

Track and manage all key movement, analyze key usage and user behavior, and action alerts from our RTNHub software application.

Integrate with leading access control systems to improve security and efficiency. 

KeyTracer uses RFID, tamper-proof key fobs with a lifetime guarantee. RFID key fobs provide 100% accuracy and reliability and require no maintenance or cleaning.

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