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Centralized Reports and Alerts from all of your Security Systems

Our security management dashboard is a web-based application that streamlines and centralizes critical information from various security systems in your facility, providing you with one simple tool to manage all of your security systems in your facility, and visualize real-time information on the location of keys, valuable assets, personnel and visitors. It also provides real-time alerts on events that require immediate action, allowing you to effectively mitigate any security or safety risks and proactively address security issues before it’s too late.

Keep tabs on the location of people, keys, and assets

One central place to view all events:

  • Location of keys, and who has them. Alerts when keys are late or exit the building. 
  • Locate staff, managers, and contractors. Alerts is someone enters a restricted area.
  • Secure visitor management
  • Locate guards easily and call them to an incident faster
  • Exception reporting, alerts, and reports on incidents