Real Time Guard Tour Solution

No Action Required from Guards to Track Guard Tours in Real Time

Monitor guards' progress without any action or input from the guards, and record time required to complete their tour. Our wireless system monitors, records and time stamps their progress with no swiping, clocking or other action required. Location intelligence data is collected and managed through an easy-to-use web-based application, which provides various reports, and real-time alerts for specified events, for example when a guard fails to reach a certain checkpoint.


Keep Security Personnel Accountable

  • Track security personnel and monitor their location 
  • Records progress at each checkpoint without any action required from the guard
  • Allows to determine each guard's efficiency; number of rounds in a given timeframe, time to do one round, etc.
  • Locate guards easily and call them to an incident faster
  • Easily manage and provide security for your personnel
  • Generate reporting and analytical information based on location for audit
  • Exception reporting, alerts, and reports on incidents
  • Also allows to track and locate keys when using our key location system

Real Time Jail Cell Check - Reduce number of inmate suicides with real time prison cell check solution

The solution provides information on the location of guards and automates the recording of cell checks and suicide watches - all in real time.

  • Helps to ensure the welfare of inmates
  • Increases guard accountability and saves them time during their rounds
  • Ensure internal governance and manage compliance with state and national corrections standards
  • Full audit trail of officers' patrol performance, ability to investigate complaints and allegations
  • Security management application, providing one place for wardens to view critical information, reports and alerts and take immediate action when needed

Reports and insight available through the RTNHub application, where you can also manage other Real Time Networks solutions for key control, location systems, and asset tracking solutions.

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