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Protect Your Staff Anytime, Anywhere

The RTNmobile Duress Alarm Solution secures your hospitality staff working alone. When someone activates a duress alert, security or dedicated staff are instantly notified of their identity and location via a network of wireless readers discreetly placed throughout your facility. All information for incident response is available to security and managers right in the RTNmobile software.

  • Protect staff working in remote locations or during the night shift
  • Easily comply with new staff safety regulations
  • Give security personnel all the information they need right at their fingertips

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Why Choose RTNmobile for Duress Alerting?


Certainty-Based locating

Uses patented Second Generation IR (Gen2IR™), which is proven to be the ideal technology for certainty-based (100% accurate) room, bed, and bay-level locating.

Rapid Update Speeds

Gen2IR™ devices can be configured to emit every 1500 milliseconds; enabling low latency use cases such as staff duress.

Highly Configurable System

Gen2IR™ devices and badges are remotely configured and monitored for system health including proactive low battery indicators.

Power Efficiency 

Gen2IR™ enables extremely power efficient wireless devices and badges; significantly reducing long term system maintenance costs.

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No Line-of-Sight Limitations

Gen2IR™ filters external sources of IR (sunlight, fluorescent lighting, etc.). Direct line-of-sight is not required as tags can sense Gen2IR™ from any direction, even under blankets or clothing.

Customer Support

Customer support you can count on. Phone, email, online chat and an online Customer Portal  that is available 24/7. 

Professional Installation

System installed by our own experienced technicians.

Custom Implementation

Customization: The wireless sensor and relay network is customized for each client so the RTNmobile software understands their floor plan. It can detect the exact room a duress alert comes from.

RTNHub Software: Web-based user interface allows administrators to access tools and reports from any web-enabled device on the network.

Custom Reports: Reports can be tailored for any staff safety regulatory need. Pull registered alerts by staff member or location, for any date range, then export reports to any standard format.


Personnel Badges: Durable and simply designed, with a single button for easy alerting. Badges are available in different form factors, coded with staff IDs to aid response accuracy and ensure accountability for false alarms.

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  • Extensive customer support
  • Easy-to-use web-based software
  • Real-time audits of all alerts
  • Mobile and email notifications

logo_Gen2IRGen2IR™ Technology

  • Maintenance-free design
  • Save time and money with no badge repair costs
  • Real-time alert recording
  • Low power efficient detection

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