Guard Tour System

Monitor the guard’s progress without any action or input from the guards, and record whether security guards or night watchmen, carry out their tour on time. Our wireless system monitors, records and time stamps their progress with no swiping, clocking or other action required. Locational intelligence data is collected and managed through an easy-to-use web-based application, which provides various reports, and real-time alerts for specified events, for example when a guard fails to reach a certain checkpoint.

Keep Security Personnel Accountable

  • Track security personnel and monitor their location 
  • Records progress at each checkpoint without any action required from the guard
  • Allows to determine each guard's efficiency; number of rounds in a given timeframe, time to do one round, etc.
  • Locate guards easily and call them to an incident faster
  • Easily manage and provide security for your personnel
  • Ensure that you meet legislation for lone workers 
  • Generate reporting and analytical information based on location for audit
  • Exception reporting, alerts, and reports on incidents
  • Also allows to track and locate keys when using our key location system