Real Time Guard Tour Solution

Real Time Networks offers a wireless, real time guard tour solution that automatically records the precise time guards reach each checkpoint.

  • No action required by the guards, the system always knows exactly where they are.
  • Does not require line of sight, checkpoints can be hidden.
  • Guards do not need to access checkpoints.
  • Long range Active-RFID checkpoints automatically detect guards when they are within 1 to 5 meters (3 to 16 feet).
  • The system is battery powered - easy to install.
  • Full range of management reports available.
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How it works

Battery powered wireless checkpoints are installed at key locations. When on tour, the guard’s active-RFID badges are detected by the wireless checkpoints when they are within 1 to 5 meters, and the battery powered checkpoints automatically identify and timestamp the guard’s IDs and relay them to the control center. If they do not reach a checkpoint on time, an alert is automatically raised.

  • The read range of each wireless checkpoint can be individually configured as required.
  • The control center records the precise time each guard is located at each checkpoint.

Guard Tour Solution Product Sheet

System Applications

Our solution delivers the benefits of tried and tested active-RFID solutions to correctional institutions, shopping malls, airports, casinos and corporations. Our (patent pending) battery powered wireless checkpoints reduce the time and cost of deploying active RFID systems.

Key Features

  • Automatically monitors the location of guards - Does not rely on guards cooperating with the system
  • Provides information in real time & reports exceptions in real time, improves reporting
  • Reduces vandalism
  • Receive alerts via Email/SMS
  • Built-in reporting tools
  • System configurable to meet site specific requirements, integrates with other systems
  • Reliable, proven products
  • Cost effective & low cost maintenance
  • Checkpoints can be relocated if needed

System Components

Our Real-Time Guard Tour Solution accurately tracks a guard’s progress on his/her tour. The system comprises of:

  • Personnel/Guard Badges: Active-RFID badges uniquely identify each guard.
  • Asset Tag: Active-RFID tags uniquely identify each asset.
  • Wireless Checkpoints: Battery powered wireless checkpoints are configured to detect the ID of all badges within a specific range: 1 meter (39 inches), to 5 meters (16 feet). When the checkpoints receive a signal from badges within their area, they timestamp the event and transmit the time and ID to the system.
  • RFID Readers: Active-RFID readers are strategically located throughout the building; they detect signals from all the wireless checkpoints within their zone.
  • Control Centre Software that is completely configurable. An exhaustive range of reports can be produced, either to cover a period (days, weeks, months etc.), or an alarm can be raised immediately an exception occurs. This can be when a tour does not take place.

Keep Security Personnel Accountable

  • Track security personnel and monitor their location
  • Records progress at each checkpoint without any action required from the guard
  • Allows to determine each guard’s efficiency; number of rounds in each timeframe, time to do one round, etc.
  • Locate guards easily and call them to an incident faster
  • Easily manage and provide security for your personnel 
  • Generate reporting and analytical information based on location for audit

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