Asset Locker - Features and Benefits

Protect and Control Your Valuable Assets


AssetTracer is an Electronic Smart Locker System that is built from the ground up to give you total security and visibility of your most valued items. Equipped with a Smart Terminal and multiple authentication options, the system validates each user before granting access to a locker compartment.




Many Asset Locker systems can only charge and monitor one device per compartment (if they offer charging capability at all), AssetTracer allows you to assign and charge multiple items in a single compartment, saving you big when securing a large number of devices. The software will monitor which items have been plugged in or removed in each compartment.  





The AT Series boasts a unique modular design so you’re able to get maximum insight and control over your assets from a management solution custom-built to your facility’s exact needs. Choose between small, medium, large, and extra long compartments for radios, laptops, long guns, phones, cash boxes, intellectual property, jewellery, dangerous items or any other assets you need secured.




As an administrator, you're given a complete audit trail of every item taken and returned, and instant alerts if an item is attempted to be accessed outside the scheduled time, or by an unauthorized user. RFID and weight sensors validate that the correct item has been returned to the locker, and your terminal will tell you when your items have been fully charged via the locker's built in charging bay, and only release fully charged devices, ensuring staff productivity.  Terminal-Module_Ash-Gray


Manage Assets Your Way

  • Durable, USA-made Steel Lockers
  • Modular and highly-configurable
  • Customize lockers with charging ports or scales
  • Automated alerts via email or SMS
  • Multiple authentication options
  • Integrated camera records users during transactions and links photos in log
  • Rapid touchscreen transactions
  • Optional content surveillance ensures the correct asset is inside the locker
  • Easy management through browser-based software
  • Customized reporting options
  • Complete 24/7/365 support


Used By

Police, Law Enforcement Offices, Hotels, Casinos, Fleet Managers, Pharmaceutical, Tech Companies, Construction, Government Agencies, Evidence Lockers, Energy, Jewellery Companies, and many more.

Why Choose AssetTracer?


Know exactly where your assets are at any given time, and in whose possession. Full audit trails and schedule means accountability at all times.

Improve Your Workflow

Gain efficiencies by automating your asset management solution. Spend less time tracking down items. Eliminate usage of manual logs.

Reduce Operation Costs

Avoid costly loss and theft. Carry less asset inventory with scheduling. Eliminate time wasted keeping schedules and sign out sheets.



Backed by 24/7 Support and a 2-Year Warranty.

Extended Service Plans are available to extend your warranty coverage and give you priority support.


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