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  • 2-way radios: Radio set and hand-held charging compartments with passive cooling system to prevent device overheating.
  • Electronics: RFID identification and charging docs for tablets, iPads, smart phones, laptops, and data collectors
  • Valuable assets: Evidence kits, narcotics storage and other valuables.
  • Firearms: Access-controlled compartments and. RFID reader in every compartment identifies the contents, modular system design for custom configuration, 18-gauge steel lockers, power failures are covered by a built-in backup battery.

Features and Benefits

  • Prevent asset loss or misplacement
  • RFID Technology makes asset issue and return faster, eliminates user error and creates an audit trail of all transactions.
  • Eliminate time-consuming asset issue and return record keeping
  • Restrict access to each item by individual user. Choose from multiple authentication methods, including PIN code, card access, fingerprint or facial reader, or iris identification
  • Ability to store, track, and charge more than one device per compartment, optimizing locker space and maximizing your investment
  • Modular system design
  • 18-gauge steel lockers
  • Real time transaction recording
  • Full battery back up
  • Real time alarms and email notifications

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Asset Management: Smart Solutions to Track & Protect Your Assets

Prevent Costly Loss and Time-Consuming Asset Management

Eliminate time-consuming asset issue-and-return record keeping and prevent loss or misplacement of valuable assets with AssetTracer Electronic Asset Lockers.

  • Customizable and modular electronic lockers.
  • Contactless, RFID technology helps track items.
  • Only authorized users can remove or return an item from an electronic locker.
Our electronic asset lockers allow organizations across many industries to secure and control access to a range of valuable assets. 

Modular and Customizable

AssetTracer lockers use modular locker compartments, so you can build your Asset Locker exactly how you need it. Mix and match different sized storage compartments and only buy the number of compartments needed, so you’re not paying for extra storage space. Our locker systems can be managed from RTNHub, alongside your KeyTracer systems and RTNmobile solutions, providing powerful insights and a complete overview of all your keys, assets and people in real time. Choose between metal or metal with clear high impact polycarbonate windows. 

Smart Terminal

Control access to your valuable assets using the Smart Terminal which comes with every AssetTracer Locker. Choose from multiple authentication options, including PIN code, access control card, fingerprint or facial reader, or iris identification technology. Our easy-to-use touch-screen Smart Terminal prompts users through the key retrieval/removal process.


RTNHub Software 

  • Manage all of your keys, assets, and people in one single software platform.
  • Browser-based application supports administration across multiple locations
  • Emergency operation mode - all systems remain operational even in the event of a power or network failure. 
  • Custom reports and alerts 
  • Export and/or email reports in any format

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